In ‘Awareness‘, deMello continues to move us gently and humorously along our road of enlightenment, (the book is full of wonderful anecdotes, read if for yourself and laugh with us on our journey).  Each mini-chapter deals with huge issues.  We have to be careful not to move along too fast or we may miss understanding them fully.  Its so easy to want to get to the end of books, we find ourselves racing along.

Slow down, slow down, read it over, read it again, savour the words and the stories.

Wake up“., deMello tells us


And then, “Accept that you don’t really want to wake up, nobody does” he gently chides us.

Unlearn everything” is deMello’s next advice, everything, our ideas about love, selfishness, unselfishness, everything.  He teaches us the importance of self-observation as a means to recognizing our true selves, not occasional week-end or special holiday self-observation but continuous awareness.  We have to work, to earn our enlightenment.

Barely a quarter of the way through the book, deMello introduces us, in passing, to the theory of the internal observer, the unchanging observer, but drops enough information to let us know that this is an important aspect of Eastern spirituality.  When we get to Eckhart Tolle we will hear a lot more about the internal observer.

Then, deMello makes us an astonishing promise, “But I promise you this; I have not known a single person who gave time to being aware who didn’t see a difference in a matter of weeks.  The quality of their life changes, so they don’t have to take it on faith anymore.  They see it; they’re different.  They react differently.  In fact they react less and act more.  You see things you’ve never seen before.

Lets hold him to his promise, lets start practicing awareness and lets experience the changes for ourselves.



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