So now we know – we know how to become aware, how to be happy, how to wake up and how to accept that we don’t want to wake up.  We have learned from Scott Peck, from Richard Bach and, now, from Anthony deMello, wise men all.

Does this information make us wise?  The answer to that is one of the paradoxes that Scott Peck was so fond of.  As with all good questions the answer is Yes, and, No.

Yes, because now we know more than we used to, we have more information, we know some of the wisdom and advice of these three men, we have been told “How”.

No, because wisdom goes far beyond knowing what is in books, even books as wise as these.  We are not truly wise until we live as wise people, daily, hourly, minute by minute, living our lives as these wise men have shown us.  No is the true answer, we are wiser now because we ‘know’ but we will never be wise until we ‘do’.

That’s why deMello tells us we have to practice his 4 Steps to Wisdom again and again, “Put this program into action a thousand times”, he tells us.  Maybe he should have said a thousand times a thousand.

So keep practicing my friends, life is about being, not just knowing.



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