Terrors and Tragedies in the Name of Religion; Dawkins continues, and concludes, “The God Delusion”, with details and stories of the wrongs and crimes committed in the name of religions over the generations.  There is no evidence that we humans will cease these acts anytime in the near future. Not that we need religion as an excuse, oil, water, power, national boundaries, freedom; you name it and we will fight for it or over it. Peace even; we will fight, kill, maim and torture for peace, in the name of peace.


Just how much time do we have to mend our ways?

Everyone should read these words of Dawkins’, not as proof that God does not exist, but as a reminder of the wrongs we are capable of committing in the name of religions.  Of course, we do not have to depend on Dawkins, the media contains many similar stories on a regular basis.  We need to recognize that these are human wrongs, not dictated, and probably not approved or even endorsed, by God.  They are done in the name of God but are the consequences of free will, not of divine ordination.  

These acts of cruelty always remind me of Kris Kristofferson’s words, in his song ‘In The News”, “Don’t blame God, I swear to God I heard him say. Not in my name, not on my ground. I want nothing but the ending of the war. No more killing, or it’s over. And the mystery won’t matter anymore”  Infinitely, more likely to be close to the words of God than any exhortation to kill and mutilate.


Such truths from Dawkins; there is no disagreement possible. But Dawkins uses these truths for the wrong purposes, this renders them less than they should be.  If his book was an attempt to bring about the reform of religions or even to bury them, it would be a more honest attempt.  

Religions are man-made, whatever is wrong, or bad, or untruthful in them is man-made. Their initial, even principal purpose may be, indeed is likely to be, honest and honorable and dedicated to the recognition of the Divine, but along the way, often quite early, they are hi-jacked by humans, human errors and human folly.

So, our search for wisdom not only involves seeking out the truth but then using it in an honest manner. This is why our spiritual advisers, such as deMello, tell us that we need to be ever-vigilant – of ourselves.




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