Time to Apologize, “i’m sorry”, there that’s it over with; well the words have been released but the feeling goes on.

Apologies to all

This is what i’m apologizing for; on this journey we are reading, discussing and quoting from many books of wisdom, some of great wisdom and some which contain the occasional nugget of wisdom, but it’s unlikely that we will do any of them full justice, people far wiser than me have studied some of these books for years, decades even.  People, far wiser again, have written them.

But this is not a competition. Our journey is, of course, a personal journey and we experience and react to the information we perceive differently, that’s our excuse.  So, my apologies to the wise people who wrote all these wonderful books, to all the wise people who have read them, discussed them, wrote articles and dissertations on them and to all the wise people who will read this blog and wonder how the wisdom in books could be so misinterpreted. Comments, of course, and further enlightenment are always welcome.

I was first introduced to philosophy, inadvertently, by my father, “Supposing, supposing”, he asked many years ago when we were children, “three men were frozen. How many men would die?” “How badly frozen?” asked my sister, the one with the logical mind. “Solid”, my father asserted firmly, “frozen solid”. “Three, three, three”, we children chorused confidently, “three men would die”. “Nope”, replied my father, “nobody would die. We were only supposing”.

Much of life is supposing – one of the most common mistakes we make is not to realise this or to deny it. The study of philosophy should make us wise, or at least wiser, and, being wiser, we should know about supposing and be comfortable with it.

Such is philosophy, such are attempts to interpret wisdom, especially the wisdom of others, the wisdom of books, much of it is based on supposing. Please remember that many of our discussions are only supposing and nobody should die, or be hurt or injured as a result of these ideas. Nobody should even fall out over supposing; even if, especially if, we don’t like what each other supposes.

Lets get back to reading.


Don’t be afraid of supposing my friends, don’t feel that everything has to be fixed and precise. Life is not like that, neither is wisdom.


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