I was thinking about running, having completed two 5k runs in Marlay Park in the last fortnight, but it being All Saints day i found myself writing about saints.  So it goes.

Not that runners aren’t saints, very many of them obviously are and as far as volunteers go, that super species who make all the runs and races happen – well i’ve spoken of my admiration for them several times in the past.  I’m sure that there is a category, pretty much on a par with sainthood, which is reserved for volunteers.


Here’s some of the marlayparkrun volunteers doing the business.

I’ve been through a pretty stressful time recently but reached the end of it on Friday 23rd October – Happy Days and while i don’t recommend stressful times for anyone it is possible, depending on the circumstances, to take positives from them.

I wish you all peaceful happy times and if you have to go through stressful times i hope you get the kind of support i received from family and friends and that you get through it and that it helps you to grow.  i feel i’ve been resisting growth all my life and i keep getting these hard kicks to get me in line again – time and time again – but inevitably i wander back off course – a lost soul.  This time may be different.

Physically, i was pretty wrecked on Saturday 24th but, again with the support of my family, decided a 5k parkrun would be the start of my rehabilitation.  So it turned out to be – although somewhat differently than i expected as i encountered another runner with a past.  I spent the run talking about the previous weeks’ stressful events – i never run and talk – but this, i guess, was meant to be.  Why did i think rehabilitation would be easy.  We completed the run in just under 30 minutes – my slowest ever time at Marlay park but perhaps i wouldn’t have been able to finish at all if it wasn’t for the company.


There’s more to running than just running – ask any runner.

I did a little training in the gym during the week and was back in Marlay park this Saturday morning.  Running felt comfortable again and i knocked a minute and a bit off the previous weeks – coming in at just under 29 minutes.  Passed out two other runners in the last 50m with a little sprint – oh what a wonderful feeling.

Physically and mentally i’m starting to recover and i hope this proves to be a one-way street.  I haven’t equaled my parkrun 5k time from 01 June 2103 yet – a PB of 25 minutes and 42 seconds.  Amazing how the months and years slip by.  I’m hoping to better that before the end of the year.

I signed up for the 5k Remembrance Run in Phoenix Park next Sunday at the weekend – late but i wasn’t sure i’d be able to make it until now.


I’m looking forward to that – running in memory of my parents and other family members; gone but not forgotten.  It was a very moving event last year – the route is almost a figure 8 and just at the centre a Gospel Choir sang us on.

Then today, the postman delivered my number and techncial T for the Run in the Dark which happens on 11 November.  I signed up for the 10k again – regular readers will remember my efforts and joy last year and how i nearly chickened out and did the 5k instead.  The same options exist this year but i’m hoping i will have recovered enough, and be fit enough, to complete the 10k.  Although if i do it in anything like the same time as last year i will be exceedingly happy.


Fun times ahead – now to address my training.  Regular readers will also know that i’m more active in the running than in the training – something i need to address.

So if you are in Dublin, living or visiting, on these dates, sign up now and join the runners celebrate life and living and remembering those who we have lost.

5k Parkruns, happening in a park near you all over the world at 9.30 every Saturday morning, are just waiting for you.  Just sign up on the website, print out your barcode and off you go – no charge except to recharge your health and happiness.

Run in peace



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