Seems a good target – fitness – fit for use  – fit enough to be of use.  Physical fitness of course is one – i am still chasing my sub 25 minute 5k – my failure is all mine – unshared with friends or family.  Friends, now let me tell you about my friends – some of my pedigree, i.e. age,  are completing 5k parkruns in 24 minutes and even 23 minutes – the difference may be genetic or dietary but is probably directly related to training.  I have spoken about laziness being the supreme barrier  – The Great Barrier Reef to Achievement- in earlier blogs.  My laziness and I are inseparable – or almost.  Like a gently fading romantic relationship i can feel our ties dissolving – i may outlast and outsprint my laziness yet.


I feel that this year i may do more training – i want to do more training but – well see above.  Of course as my relationship with my laziness diminishes it is replaced by age – if i don’t do it soon i may never do it.  Never, never, never  – hard to imagine – when you get to my age if you keep putting things off you may never get to do them.  A sub 1 hour 10k had also been a target of mine for the last year or so – will this be another year of failing badly or a year of triumph and speed – i’d settle for any time with a 59 in it.


Financial fitness is always important of course – not to be followed at the deteriment of all else but still something one should keep an eye on.  Spending is probably more important than earning – at least once you start to earn a certain basic amount – spend less than you earn and you should have few financial concerns.



This year my work, my financial fitness trail, takes a new turn – or indeed trip – as i work increasingly in the Middle East and abroad.  Exciting times – i always wanted to travel and work in different countries and cultures and nearly missed that too – you can be sure i appreciate this opportunity while regretting what it will cause me to miss – my family mainly without doubt.  Of course travel, and living in hot climates won’t help my training, my physical fitness but, in a strange way, by upping the ante i may just up the stakes and find renewed determination.


I may get my just deserts.

And so after the disasterous last few years where stress and life often threatened to overun me like a modern Ozymandias half-standing in the desert, i think the time for fitness has arrived.


Look on my runs you mighty and despair!

Now, lower your voice and whisper – lean in close and i will share a secret, or two, with you.  I have signed up for a half marathon – i know middle age foolishness – but still – imagine – imagine me clocking up the miles and finally crossing the end line with a half smile half grimace on my face.  A half marathon – 21km – oh dear i shouldn’t have looked that up.  Twice as far as i have ever ran.  When i get really scared about what i have done i reassure myself by thinking that one of my stints abroad will coincide with the earthshattering event – Sunday April 10th – the Connemarathon – or at least half it and, through no fault of my own i will be unable to attend.  I leave it in the hands of the gods but i’d better prepare – train – just in case.


I used to travel that road regularly by motorbike all those years ago when i was studying the rocks near Killary Harbour as part of my PhD studies – it seemed a long way even by motorbike but at least the wind usually comes from the west and will be on my back.

I have other secrets, other confessions but perhaps they are better unspoken – let them stay nebulous and unreal – for the moment at least.  Later, later i will face them and share them with you.

For the moment – a couple of 10ks, an 11 or 12k  and, all excuses exhausted, perhaps a 21k.

Train well my friends.



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