One of my favourite poems, ‘Ozymandias’ by Shelley  talks to us of impermanence, change and the folly of an ego – it could well form another basis for a discussion about Buddhism.

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!’
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away’


Today i ran a  5k PB for this year, completing the #goodrun4mnd in 26 minutes 35 seconds – very proud i was indeed.  It was a very flat 5k on a lovely sunny morning with a friendly crowd of runners – perfect.  We had to do two laps – usually i don’t like races like that – as i run the first lap i’m always thinking, “I have to do this all over again” – daft, i know. Today, though i enjoyed it so much  i’d nearly have run around three times.  As we passed the clock on the first round it was recording less than 12 minutes, now we hadn’t reached half way – quite – but still i was thinking, ‘I can do a PB here – keep this speed up, or nearly, and i will come in under 27 minutes’  And so it came to pass.


There’s me, the first of two men in blue, having a look at the clock as we started the second round.

St Anne’s Park in Raheny is one of my favourite Dublin urban parks and where  i ran some of my earliest races.  The park covers 500 acres and used to belong to the Guinness family.

Best of all though, we were raising funds for care and research into Motor Neurone Disease.  Many thanks also to all the organizers, those volunteers who were  out early getting the route set up for when we arrived. Wonderful too to get all those families out and active.

It was indeed a good thing.


A collection of heroes from today

Some of you may have read that rather awesome book, ‘Until I Say Good-Bye’ written by a American journalist, Susan Spencer-Wendel, after she was diagnosed with ALS, a type of MND.  She recounts her  last year or so of life and the efforts she made to bring joy and happiness to her family and friends – typing most of the book by tapping on her iPad and iPhone.  A story to inspire all of us and a work to be recorded and celebrated by generations.  It is a book not only of bravery but also of wisdom.  Ozymandias eat your heart out.


I have known a couple of people with MND and, like Susan Spencer-Wendel, they were extraordinarily brave and wise, as indeed were their families.

And so i run in honour of all these wonderful people who inspire me everyday.

They inspire me to live my best and to run my best so any PB or new challenge successfully completed, or even successfully attempted  is in their memory.

Afterwards, on the way home, we drove out onto North Bull island and enjoyed all the sounds and sights of the Irish Sea.

Tomorrow, legs and weather permitting, i hope to run the Marlay Park parkrun – we will see in the morning.

Stay inspired my friends.


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