Looking back at 2016

More shambolic than shambala

and not just for me

For all the lucky ones, the brexits, the trumpits,

the rasputins and assheads

and all those in between

For the unlucky ones – hunger and thirst, starvation,

famine, lost of home and kidnapping

rape, torture and murder,

prejudice and prejudged, locked up and ignored

And we complain of the blurring of truth

from our couches as we shift sideways,

to facilitate the escape of some gases

Overfeed and undernourished we have led

our civilisation down a bloody cul de sac

as the wages of our sins are washed up on our shores

revisiting us, seeking a balance of the generations of bloodletting

on which we built our homes and hearths

And we express our surprise

that anyone,

would vote for change

would fight for change

would not appreciate that what we have

is better than what we had before

Insulated, isolated, locked away

we cannot see outside our narrow lives.

our boundaries are mirrors

reflecting  inwards

trapped in our own images

we rot

and fade away.


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