Everybody says you should live in the present

writes about the power of now

takes classes about living in the now

studies the now

concludes, the now is a gift  – that’s why its called the present

advises, be mindful, be here, pay attention

tells the world – mindfulness is happiness


My philosophy class was talking about being present

So I asked why, what’s so special about the now

I can be happy elsewhere, maybe happier

Off in my head, unstoned, unaccused, free

maybe adventuring in the past

exploring in the future

changing things that happened

what’s so great about this now


If the present is so wonderful

it must have an intrinsic value

what is it, where can it be found?


I introduced silence into the now,

into the class.

I expected an easy answer,

but that’s not how practical philosophy works.

Socrates like –

a question begets a question, or usually questions

so be prepared,

if you’d rather be elsewhere,

don’t ask questions.


But the answers didn’t provide the answer,

talk of family,


all the positive things in the present,

provided no clue

as to the value,

why here rather than there,

why now rather than then.

Infidelity was raised,

an affair with an other, with a job, a hobby, another life,


Would you be present then?

The defining question,

the difference clarified,


the intrinsic value of the present is



So we have a choice,

an honest life

or a dishonest one.

Don’t seek happiness, an easy life,

Seek honesty

and come to know yourself.

His Holiness Shantanand Saraswati was once asked,

what were the chief ways to purify the Intellect,

the Buddhi,

and he replied,

Love the truth and leave the untruth, that is the cure”

Namaste my friends – stay honest

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