-of the Love kind actually.

I attended my practical philosophy class again last night – foregoing watching our national soccer team embarrass the nation on home ground only a few hundred metres from where we were practicing our philosophy – double benefit for my peace of mind and emotional state.

Raided by the Vikings once again.

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Our philosophy class includes practicing stillness and being present – just for a minute or two.  Getting our minds and bodies prepared for meditation and also, i guess, making us aware of the value of such stillness so that we come to appreciate meditation sufficiently to create a regular practise.

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The last couple of weeks we have an extended practice where we have calmed our senses a little more and dived deeply into the stillness within us.  All of the class members report wonderful peace and an amazement that we can keep going deeper and deeper still into this peace.  Each time we do it i’m reminded of the lines from Kubla Khan by Samuel Coleridge,

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran 
Through caverns measureless to man 
   Down to a sunless sea.
As we described our experiences i realized that we were using the same language that we had used to describe love a couple of classes previously.  We talked about depth, stillness, calmness, a feeling of peace, of feeling full of love and being loved, of a developing awareness that this limitless reservoir is there all the time just waiting for us to tap into it.  Then in a moment of mini-realization i understood that they were one and the same, the caverns measureless to man were love and that was where we went when we meditated, we dived into and were absorbed into love.   How had i not realized that before?
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I presume nobody tells you because you have to find out for yourself so apologies if this blog makes no sense.  If you are interested and intrigued and you don’t meditate, then please start a practice.
One of the really great things about our philosophy class is that everybody speaks about their experiences, both in class and in the greater world as we try and practice what we learn and so we learn from one another.  Of course, we don’t always hear fully what each other are saying but even speaking helps to clarify  our own thoughts.
I spoke about suddenly realizing that meditation brought us into love, that they were the one and the same, our destination, our spiritual destination, perhaps our meaning.  And then i opened my mouth and spoke without thinking – something which occurs fairly regularly in our class.  I said “And that’s God, if you want to know him, to describe him, if you want to understand him, that’s what he is, where he is”  I stopped suddenly wondering what had i just said, painfully aware that my Catholic upbringing still results in me referring to God as ‘he’, and embarrassed because before i opened my mouth i didn’t know for sure i believed in a God.  Our tutor just nodded and we moved on.
Any cursory reading of spiritual writings will make you aware that the road to realizations contains many mini-realizations and sometimes a later one contradicts an earlier one, which served an essential purpose at the time and so i know that this is a small step on a long path but i feel that i now know that there is a path.  I am not confident about how much progress i  have made but i am confident that there is a Way and have a small understanding that those who write and talk about such a Way are genuine and have experienced a revelation.
Keep seeking your Way my friends

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