Got the all clear from the physio this morning to start running again – happy days. Eight days ago i was on a little 5k trot around the block and nearly home – feeling good and happy that my determination to train properly in 2018 was going to plan – pride before an injury.  A couple of hundred metres from home, my right calf seized up, totally, like as if it was frozen.  I hobbled home and rested it but the next day i could barely limp around the house and walking up and down stairs had to be done sideways – like a sidewinder snake.


The suddenness of it floored me, that clear indication of my loss of superman powers plus the fact that i’d been depending on running to lift my spirits and get me through some tough times this month.

So i did the right thing, for once, and booked an appointment with the physio – pronto and had my first appointment last Tuesday.


One of the things i find strange about physiotherapy is that they prescribe exercising the sore muscle or area of your body.  All my instincts are to protect it, to rest it and hope it will get better itself.  But no – bounce on your calf and stretch it, twice a day.  Eimear, my physio said i shouldn’t consider running until i could hop on one leg – the idea seems so far removed from reality on that first visit that i laughed.

I put in the work and happily my calf responded.   A miracle, I declared at my second visit today.  Not quite disagreed Eimear, just a bit of knowledge and hard work – who was i to argue – she’d just said i could start running again.

You don’t really miss stuff until you lose it or can’t do it anymore.  I think i might love running – shhh, whisper it softly.

Yesterday i went to the gym, hadn’t been in several weeks as i ran around the streets of Dublin instead, Rathgar to Terenure, Templeogue and home again.


I had forgotten how much i enjoyed lifting weights.

Today i was back, this time doing a little running on the treadmill – a soft return to running.  I also did the warm-up exercise recommended by Chris Crowley in his magical books ‘Younger Next Year’ and ‘Younger Next Year – The Exercise Programme’.  The warm-up exercises and i was finished, warmed up so much i was sweating and my arms were shaking from the effort following on from my work-out the previous day.  I’m taking this as a clear indication that i have a lot of work to do for most of my muscle groups and a warning that failure to do so may leave me sidelined, and side-winding, again.


Now i have to decide how to plan and manage my comeback.  I will have to miss the SugarLoaf 10k, for the second year running.  Yes, you are allowed to sob a little.  That race is on Saturday and i was so looking forward to it.  Its a beautiful mountain on the northern edges of County Wicklow with views out to the Irish Sea and across most of Dublin City.


Eimear says running up hills is very tough, extra tough, on your calf muscles and what Eimear says – goes, or doesn’t go in this case and so, with great self-discipline, I shall not go to the Ball.

The very next day is the Axa Raheny 5 mile – if it were only a 5k.  I’m undecided – it has such an awesome goody bag!  Maybe i’ll decide tomorrow after i do a little 3k run.  Obviously, if that kicks up any problems then i can’t do it.  On the other hand, or foot perhaps, if i feel good?


And the following weekend is the Trim 10 Mile and i sure would hate to miss that.

At Philosophy class this week we were discussing whether all our relationships, or indeed any of them, were simple and truthful.  Can’t be one without the other really.  At the time I thought relationships only referred to our interactions with other people but i guess its broader than that.  I have a relationship with running – shhh, shhh, shhh.  Don’t let the dumbbells know.

Seriously though, that needs to be a simple and truthful relationship.

Lets see where that gets me.

Stay well my friends.





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