That’s where my life is leading at the moment.  Just what’s the trigger and what’s the reaction i’m not sure.  Nor am i sure where it is going to end up.

As many of the world’s politicians ditch both, the need for ordinary people to aspire to, and implement, sense and responsibility increases exponentially.

As the groaning of our planet becomes akin to death throes, the need to live sustainably become urgent.

As wars beget violence, beget wars, the need for peace overwhelms us.

Our Earth increasingly resembles a party gaff, getting trashed every night, where no-one cleans up and you just know the in-crowd are planning to ditch it and seek pastures new as soon as an acceptable planet is located, intergalactic travel opens a First Class and our telomeres are suitable manipulated to cover the time aspect.

We would think good riddance if we felt that we might be left with any semblance of a living planet,

with any semblance of order,

but its likely the final thrashing will be just that,


It’s in our hands.

Time is not on our side.

Time to awake my friends.






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