requires discipline,

something i was never too good at,

the authorities i objected to in my early days all demanded discipline,

so i rejected that too,

my mistake.


Adrienne Martin 

Better now than never,

certainty about late will have to wait

the outcomes.

On November 18, i renewed my commitment to meditation,

Eighty-five days ago,

My commitment is to meditate twice a day for 15 minutes a session,

Half an hour,

out of twenty-four.

What could go wrong?

Without discipline, everything,

so i’m being disciplined,

practising discipline as well as practising meditation.

This weeks philosophy class involved a discussion about our meditation – the good, the bad and the lazy.

We are all lazy,

hence the need for discipline.

My aversion to discipline lead me to view my meditation mantra with hostility,

So i embraced it,

held it close,

wrapped it around me like a long-loved blanket on a cold wintery day



and i warmed to it even as it warmed me.

Shri Shankaracharya said, “Meditation is meant for the realisation of the chief aim of human life”

To be.

He tells us, “On the path to realisation, we are not required to do anything, we begin to be what we are.  In order to be what we are, we have to come out of what we are not.  Those thoughts you are not, that intellect you are not, those feelings, those sensations, you are not.  You are not that restless, separate ego.  Through the meditation we give up all these things, and when we reach the transcendental state, we begin to find out what we are and then we realise what brought up this whispering “I am That”, the birds are singing “I am That”, the moon and the stars are chorusing “I am That”.

I am that.

Break out the cushions my friends,

embrace discipline.


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