after all those birthdays.

Included in my birthday celebrations today was my 77th parkrun completed at my average time of 26:40.  Even the weather was celebrating with the sun shining at a balmy 10 degrees C.

And the crowds keep coming,

and the volunteers keep turning up – more staying power than an ultramarathoner.

So i signed up to volunteer in a fortnight’s time, only my second outing as one of these awesome beings but a sign of my increased confidence in a, touch wood, improving immune system.

Usually i’m either running or i’m sick, or trying to avoid getting sick by not volunteering in inclement weather.

This year my age is the same number as the year i was born, something which happens to all of us born in the first half or so of a century.  And no, i’m not 19, or 20.  My children, born in the late nineties, are only moderately optimistic of achieving such a milestone.


I’m with you there Fred.

170 runners turned up at Bushy Park Dublin – smiling, smiling runners.  I’ve been reading Younger Next Year again – more about that in my next blog – but remember this;

  • exercise results in a 40% reduction in the risk of getting Alzheimer’s,
  • 70% of illnesses encountered as we age are lifestyle related,
  • people who exercise grow new brain – yes that’s what i said, grow new brain, and not just in the areas related to movement but also in the frontal cortex, that area that controls complex thoughts, rational calculations, decision making and so on.  As my 169 buddies from this morning already know, running makes you smarter!
  • Exercise is also as effective as medication in treating both anxiety and depression.  Yes – runners are smart, happy people – well smarter and happier than if they did not run.

So remember, 70% of illnesses and injury are self-imposed resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

Run a little, run a lot even.

If you are going to get a book for your birthday this year, then i strongly recommend “Younger Next Year The Exercise Programme” – read it and do the exercises.


and keep doing them.

You’ll be smarter and happier by the time your next birthday comes around.

Imagine that.

Throw in a little discipline,

and a little volunteering,

and you’ll not only live longer,

you’ll be happy to do so.


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