God sat,


in his tabernacle.

Gazing out,

through the small glass window,

at his empty church.

“Where did I go wrong?”,

he wondered,

remembering past glories,

days of omniscience,

and omnipotence.

The Boom before the Bust.

God sat,

remembering the days,

when he turned his back,

on cities,

on nations,




should always mean,

abandoned by God,

not this,

not this empty church.

God sat,

like a bankrupt economist,

and raged,

against the injustice,

the unfairness.

“Why this, why now, why Me?”



always the first steps,

on the stoney road,

to acceptance,

to self-realisation.

This poem came into my head the other morning as i prepared to travel west to attend a remembrance ceremony for my parents, inspired, i am sure, by a time i sat on the parish committee concerned about falling church attendances and loss of interest in religion and we discussed the problems of the congregation and the failures of the laity……………………………………

Namaste my friends.

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