Easter is upon us again, raising not just Jesus but many questions, questions about life, about death, about the meaning and demeaning of both.  Reminding us of the frailty of life, of lost loved ones, of love lost, that all love ends in loss.

I have been consulting recently with a medium sized waste recycling company, a company which collects peoples’ waste in skips of various sizes, empties them out in their recycling yard and sort them into various components to allow as much of them as possible to be re-introduced into productive use in our society, separating wood, multiple types of plastic and metal, cardboard, crushed concrete and so on.  As i stand there, watching the emptying and the processing, devising procedures and methodologies to help the company improve, i am struck, time and again, by the transience of life.  Children’s bicycle’s, plastic toys, once favourite chairs, dining tables which hosted family gatherings, baths which bathed a thousand bodies, windows and doors which provided views and access to that outside world and, at the end of the day allowed the sanctuary of that home to be re-won, all end up tipped out on the hard concrete floor, pushed hither and thither, broken, crushed, shredded.

Image from internet

All life is before us.


ultimately broken,

perhaps meaningless.

Late during my searching years i completed an Alpha course – not seeking training in how to become an Alpha Male but rather seeking to know Jesus.  There was much to admire about the course, but –

– searchers are never satisfied –

and so i moved on

– though i did get to know Jesus a little better.

I have written about the course before and how we were posed the question, “What would you ask Jesus if he came into the room now and you could ask him anything“, and i knew straight away i would ask him “How come we have made such little progress in 2,000 years?”

When you start to think about it 2,000 years is a pretty long time, maybe 100 generations.  That’s a lot of opportunity for improvement, for developing and passing on wisdom, for developing a just and fair society, for spreading equality across the globe and for completing, not just starting, hundreds, thousands even, of hashtag campaign’s.

So, i’d ask my friend, “How come we have made such little progress,  people were pretty civilized two thousand years ago.  It’s not as if we were starting from a zero position back then.” 

He might respond, though i’m not sure he was fond of banter, “Rome was not built in a day”

or he might say “What do you expect, you are humans after all, programmed to survive, to take more than your fair share”

or even, “I think you have done fairly well, a B+ or maybe an A-.  Nobody expected an A+, at least neither my Father nor I did”

or he might just sigh.

As i do as another skip of once important, beloved even, belongings is tipped out on that unforgiving floor.

Of course, i’d have a lot more questions but we were restricted to one.

Choose your questions carefully my friends,

and your searches even more so.


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