Still is,

the answer,

after all these years.

What’s the question?”, you ask,

What’s the good of knowing the answer if you don’t know the question?”

Doesn’t matter” i would reply, “stillness is the answer”

The answer to what?”.  Oops, someone’s getting a bit tetchy.

All questions ultimately lead to the fundamental question”,


That’s right, Why”,

No, i mean why do they lead to the ultimate question”

Because that’s the way it is, that’s the way the universe is structured.  Think about it, think about a random examination question.  You are seeking the answer, you’re expected to know the answer, but instead of concentrating on the specific question you ask yourself why do i have to know this. Once you start asking those kind of questions, it rapidly gets distilled down to those three letters, w. h. y.”

And the answer is ‘stillness’?”,

Yes, the answer is, and is in, stillness”,

What does that mean, is, and is in?”,

It means the answer is ‘stillness’ but that knowing the answer is not enough.  You have to be still, you have to practice it”,

Like stand still, that will get me nowhere!”

Like recognize your inner stillness, like dive into it as if it is a deep still pool of water, like be still mentally and emotionally”

Where do you get this stuff?”

From the school of practical philosophy of course”

And they teach you to be still, you pay to learn to be still?”


How do they teach you that, do you have to stand up against the wall and not move  or something”,

Three ways actually, what we call the practice, sitting still and being present, that’s the first one.  Taking a moment of stillness at the beginning and end of each activity, that’s the second one and the third way is meditation, that’s the diving into the deep pool of stillness”

And that’s the answer?”


To all of life’s questions”,


To happiness?”

Yup, and to self-realization”

What’s that?”

Module 8, we haven’t done that one yet”

Sure let me know when you find out”,

Will do and try a little stillness in the meantime”

Be still,
Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity”
― Lao Tzu

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