What a wonderful idea Sue – my two brothers and i used to pick a topic and write three stories about it – insightful even if not literature – here is my story.

“I’ve decided to go back down and share what i saw, to spread the wonderful news – light, sunlight, flowers, intoxicating scents and the sounds of the living earth- words cannot describe the experience, especially when you have lived your whole life looking at shadows on the wall of a dark damp cave. I hope i can find the words to explain to the others what they are missing.

I’m sitting here, just inside the entrance, filling myself with the wonders of light before i go back into the darkness. I have been so tempted to stay out in the sunlight enjoying it, basking in it, delighting in it but i know it would be wrong not to share, not to tell the others of the wonders that exist.

When i first approached this entrance from the darkness within, i’ll admit it, i was scared. I nearly turned back, nearly retreated, but then i heard a bird singing and i edged closer until i felt the warmth. If you have never felt warmth in your life it is difficult to describe the first experience. Wait til i tell the others.

It will mean big changes of course and all change is a bit scary at first but who would want to spend their life sitting in a dark damp cave once they know what is out there waiting for them.

I’m going to stay here for a few more moments and feel the warmth and imagine the others greeting me with astonishment when i return and tell them of my adventures, “Plato, Plato where have you been. Can you show us the way”, they will be so excited.

7 thoughts on “PINGBACK FOR PLATO

  1. How wonderful that you wrote about Plato’s cave. I did too though I hadn’t read your piece when I did so. I like the way you see leaving the cave as a great and hopeful step.


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